FUTURE OF LA CASA January 8, 2020


MINUTES – January 8, 2020 

CALL TO ORDER Colette Welch, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm. The following were present. Members: Colette Welch, Gary Peterson (recorder), John Souza, Joe Holovachuk, Tim Davis, and Phil McGouldrick. Absent: Bill Palmer and HOA Liaison Nancy Thurnherr. Colette began the meeting by reading an E-mail from Bill Palmer in which he resigned from the Committee. After discussion, Tim Davis motioned to accept Bills’ resignation, with regrets. Motion seconded by John Sousa and passed unanimously. 

MINUTES: There being no corrections or additions to the minutes for the meeting of December 11, 2019, Tim Davis motioned to approve the minutes as distributed; motion seconded by Joe Holovachuk and passed unanimously. 


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a. Review October Resident Input Information– Joe Holovachuk Joe had revised the Long Range Plan to include projects suggested by Residents at their October meeting. The Committee reviewed the new projects and suggested the assignment of Responsibility in some cases, and combining with projects already listed as appropriate. Joe will revise and redistribute the draft as proposed

b. Solar Power – John Souza: John has talked with at least two local solar contractors who caution us, the way Florida laws are written, LaCasa cannot sell solar power to FP&L to be applied to our common area usage. Rather, the bank of solar panels must feed to the needs of one specific electric meter. Each of LaCasa’s buildings is metered separately. The contractor’s recommendation is instead of placing panels on the 40 acres, we place panels on the Rec Hall roof, for instance, to supplement the electricity used by that facility. While the time it takes to pay back that investment is longer for non-profits, like LaCasa, the payback still exceeds what the park is getting on its investments. John will write up a short report that Colette will present to the Board at its meeting in two weeks. John said contractors also recommend installing solar heating at pools would pay back fairly quickly. He will arrange for a contractor to speak at the Committee’s meeting next month.

c. Robalo Boat Ramp: Gary Peterson reviewed a report he had written regarding a residents request that the Robalo Boat Dock and Ramp be modified to allow easier access to physically handicapped residents. The current reconstruction plan for the Robalo boat dock is to eliminate the step up and step down at the ends of the dock ramp. The cost to make a completely handicapped accessible ramp and dock was compared to similar work at the Alvarado location, and to only adding ADA railings to the proposed improvements. A copy of the report is attached. Members had questions regarding how much either dock was used by resident boaters, and which dock boaters preferred to access. 

We are looking for New Members

Mentioned at our last Board Meeting

2. OLD BUSINESS – Rec Hall Colette asked how the Committee was involved in discussions on improvements to the Rec Hall. Tim Davis said that a special committee had previously been formed to take the lead on recommending how to proceed. We may be asked to look into specific issues. 

3. NEW BUSINESS: a. January Resident Input Session – January 28, 2020, at 1 PM at Rec Hall. Joe and Colette will lead the session. Gary will record and organize resident input. Joe will take that data and add projects to the Draft Long Range plan. Other Committees may volunteer to help pass microphones to residents. Let Colette know if you are available. b. Committee Openings – Bill Palmer, Tim Davis, and Phil McGouldrick’s positions are scheduled to expire in March. Colette has already placed a notice in the LaCasa magazine. Tim will post the openings on the website, and Gary will post openings on the bulletin boards. c. The next meeting is scheduled for 1 PM on February 12th in the Office board room. Future meetings through June will be scheduled the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1 PM in the Office Boardroom. 

4. ADJOURNMENT There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1:55 pm 

Computer Club

With great enthusiasm the leadership of Casa Computer Club welcomes new members who joined at the November 20th membership meeting. This month has two opportunities to join: the first is at Expo ’19, on January 5th when your officers will be available to answer your questions and have signup sheets noting your desires and interests; and the second opportunity is the Jan. 22nd membership meeting in the Rec. Hall at 7pm. Our dues are $10 per year and you must have a La Casa Activity Card to join any activity.

At the November membership meeting, Rick Amos, Vice-President of Education, provided survey sheets to find out the interests of those present. To reiterate, our training is driven by what the members want. Also at this meeting, President Ed Bourdeau provided a presentation regarding the future direction of the CCC in regards to the impact of technology on each of us and the club. He stated that he will be organizing to embrace the coming technical changes in hardware, software and best practices. The club looks forward to working with members by providing training, speakers and discussion as the 2018-2019 season progresses.

We welcome you and wish you a Happy New Year.

             The Casa Computer Club is not just about computers,
It’s about the future!