HOA BOD Meetings Minutes, February 2020

Board of Directors Meeting

February 24, 2020

Call to order: President Thurnherr called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm with 60 shareholders in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and attendees were reminded to silence devices.

Roll call: Present: Nancy Thurnherr, Rodney Disbennett, Paul Stevens, Jan Danner, Terry Holovachuk, Tim Davis, Bucky Rogers, Dan Mahoney, Leonard Richardson.

Proposed agenda: To accept the proposed agenda with the following changes: add approval of minutes of February 11, 2020 Annual meeting, remove Jan Danner’s motion regarding LCRE bonus et al., and remove Rodney Disbennett’s motion regarding gazebo since the resident has rescinded request. (Thurnherr/Stevens) passed 9/0.

Shareholders Request to Speak: none

Open forum on Agenda Items: None

Secretary’s Report: Terry Holovachuk Motion: To approve January 27, 2020 Board meeting minutes as posted (Holovachuk/Davis) passed 9/0.

Motion: To approve January 27, 2020 Board minutes as posted—censure of Board member. (Holovachuk/Davis) passed 9/0

Motion: To approve January 28, 2020 Board and Futures Committee meeting minutes as posted (Holovachuk/Mahoney) passed 9/0

Motion: To approve February 14, 2020 Board Reorganization meeting minutes as posted (Holovachuk/Stevens) passed 9/0

Motion: To approve February 11, 2020 Annual Shareholders meeting minutes bank requirement (Holovachuk/Davis) passed 9/0

Treasurer’s Report: Jan Danner

Closed 5/3 Bank Checking account (due to 0% interest paid) in the amount of $171,000. and added $60,000. from Centennial Bank account (only pays 1% on amount over $100,000). Those funds were used to open a Money Market account at Bank of the Ozarks earning 1.4% interest.

One CD comes due in April and the investment team will discuss plan.

By end of February, there will be only 5 non-shareholder homes and 1 vacant lot available.

Part ThreeAccountsReserves$912,726.
Hurricane Deductible$350,000
Petty Cash$250
Total Cash On Hand$4,506,178.

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: Full reports are available for review in the front office HOA Board Meeting Minute Book.

Finance: Jack Pasquale, Chairman.

Website: Tom Bohan 

Future of La Casa: Colette Welch, Chairwoman

Green Thumbs: Rich Palmer, Chairman

Security: Jacquie Delano

Contract Review Committee: Gerald Derr, Chairman

RV/Boat Compound: David Bisson, Chairman

La Casa Real Estate: Linda Swab, President

 Manager’s Report: Randy Browning—Red mulch installation completed. Next mowing, March 9th and March 23rd. Robalo boat dock is still awaiting permits. Rec hall pool is reopened for night swimming. Club house pool leaks found and repaired, contract for recoat pending Board approval. Prescribed burn, Forestry Dept. to apprise of date pending weather conditions. Maintenance surveillance cameras functional and videotape can be reviewed. Rec hall buildings painting beginning end of February will continue into early March pending rain. Annual pet registration requirement begins March 1, 2020. Golf carts must be registered with office and display decals.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Nancy Thurnherr, President thanked everyone for their support in these whirlwind weeks since she was elected President. She reported on the Talon Bay Utility Project, the representatives who attended and spoke at the zoning meeting, and the subsequent conflicting information we have been receiving. She appointed an Ad Hoc Committee of people that have been involved in following the project since the inception: Jill Palmer, Rich Dickson, David Bisson, Tim Davis and Terry Holovachuk. She announced that the February 25th Commissioner’s meeting agenda now includes an item to purchase the property and she encouraged as many people as possible to attend the meeting at City Hall. She gave instructions to our Board of Directors regarding the timeline for motions to be to Randy. She also insisted that Board members refrain from derogatory remarks towards employees at the Board meeting and such issues follow proper channels. Projects to continue are the hydraulic modeling study, the Compliance Committee fine schedule and the Rec Hall Renovation Committee. She thanked residents for the improvement in dumpster issue as use and abuse is decreasing. She will continue to support safety in La Casa.


Jan Danner:

Motion:  That the Management Agreement between Homeowner’s Association of La Casa, Inc. and La Casa Real Estate, Inc dated April 22, 2019, be amended to reflect that the additional Monthly Fee shall be calculated on gross sales exceeding $165,000.00 instead of the current$155,000.00. Danner/Holovachuk carried 9/0. 

Motion: The SFC has recommended Jack Hagopian be appointed to fill an unexpired position on the committee that ends March 30, 2021. Danner/Davis carried 8/1   Disbennett, Stevens, Danner, Thurnherr, Davis, Rogers, Mahoney, Richardson Yay: Holovachuk Nay

Motion: The SCF has recommended Al Campbell be appointed to fill an unexpired position on the committee that ends March 20, 2022. Danner/Disbennett carried 9/0

Motion: That the following have viewing rights to the Fidelity Advisors brokerage account: Linda Krout– Park Accountant, Jack Pasquale—Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance, Nancy Thurnherr—La Casa HOA President, Jan Danner—La Casa HOA Treasurer. Parliamentarian Jack Pasquale states per past practice, President Thurnherr has same rights.   Danner/Holovachuk carried 9/0

Motion: That a laptop computer be purchased for the front office board room, not to exceed $500.00, for the purpose of using the free conferencing system. Danner/Stevens carried 9/0

Motion: To update the office policy of 5/19/2019 to include a formal policy establishing barcodes issued to renters that was approved8/20/2014. Danner/Holovachuk carried 9/0

Tim Davis:

Motion: To accept the attached Table of Recreational Responsibilities of the La Casa Tennis Club. Davis/Danner carried 9/0

Motion: To approve contract to resurface and update to code the Clubhouse pool using Gettle Pools, Inc for $23,250. Plus 10% contingency funded from the Reserves. Davis/Mahoney carried 9/0

Motion: To approve Lawson Courts to resurface Tennis Courts #4,5 & 6 per request for proposal for $16,665 plus 10% contingency, funded from Reserves. Davis/Stevens carried 9/0

Rodney Disbennett:

Motion: To appoint Jim Powers, Rich Dickson and John Souza to the Architectural Review Committee. Disbennett/Stevens carried 9/0

Motion: To approve the installation of two additional horseshoe pits at the Rec Hall area. The cost of which is not to exceed $500.00 to be funded from the Board Contingency line item. Disbennett/Davis carried 9/0

Motion: Pickleball Club requests 3 more benches at Pickleball courts for players and spectators to sit on. The cost is $269.00 each for a total of $807.00 + tax taken from the operating account grounds and maintainance line item. Disbennett/Holovachuk carried 9/0

Motion: To approve a picnic table to be placed between the office and the #4 tennis court for residents and employees. The cost is $569.00 + tax taken from the operating account grounds and maintenance line item. Disbennett/Stevens carried 9/0

Terry Holovachuk:

Motion: To approve the revised Charter of the Compliance Committee as corrected by our Attorney to remove the wording “as requested by shareholder” under the heading, Meetings. Replace with “when the Board assesses any fine” and replace the current document in the Policy and Procedure Master Book and the Compliance Committee Manual. Holovachuk/Davis carried 9/0

           Report: Compliance committee is up and running. Had a meeting/training session with the pool of volunteers. No hearings necessary to date.

Dan Mahoney: No motion or report at this time.

Leonard Richardson: No motion or report at this time.

Bucky Rogers: No motion.

            Report: Reminded shareholders of the March 2, 2020 SCF budget workshop meeting and encouraged attendance of shareholders and Board members. Thanked Security committee, CRC and FLCC for working together to get the surveillance cameras up and running.

Paul Stevens: No motion.

Report: Fire wise Committee meeting March 5, 2020 1:15 pm in the front office Board room. RV/Boat Compound Committee meeting March 18, 2020 unless there is an official change and you will be notified of that.

  • Old Business  

President Thurnherr announced Committee Liaisons as follows:

Finance-TreasurerJan Danner
Web siteTim Davis
FLCCDan Mahoney
Green ThumbsBucky Rogers
CRCTim Davis
Fire wisePaul Stevens
SecurityTerry Holovachuk
LCREJan Danner
RV/Boat CompoundPaul Stevens
Compliance CommitteeTerry Holovachuk
Architectural Review CommitteeRodney Disbennett
Activity AssociationRodney Disbennett
AMCLeonard Richardson
FLAROCTerry Holovachuk
Rodney Disbennett

Investment Team: Jan Danner, Jack Pasquale, Nancy Thurnherr, Bucky Rogers

  • Calendar

Newsletter article: Due to Deb Poe by 1st of month prior to publish date

             April……..Nancy Thurnherr
             May………Tim Davis
              June……..Leonard Richardson

  • New Business: Terry Holovachuk announced she would have office hours in the front office Board room on March 3, March 17, April 7, and April 21, 2020 at 10:00 until 11:30 am. She invited Board 1 or 2 Board members to join her. The purpose is to be more informal communication with shareholders. Stated this is a trial. Stated this will not circumvent current process of handling complaints.
  • Open Forum

         Rich Palmer 754 Sanchez suggests Board consider purchasing available properties that are in poor condition and place new homes on them for resale.

          Jack Hagopian 652 La Sala asked about Talon Bay property owner not wanting to deal with us and suggests we reapproach him.

          Ruby Disbennett 400 El Prado also suggested we reapproach Talon Bay property owner.

           Louise Peri 440 Umberto questioned information regarding the Racetrack gas station.

           Jill Palmer 754 Sanchez was able to tell her that according to city records Racetrack owns the property. Beyond that we have no other information.

Next meeting March 23, 2020

Meeting adjourned Disbennett/Stevens 2:35.

Respectfully submitted,                                                        APPROVED: March 23, 2020

Terry Holovachuk, Board Secretary

Floridatotal Cases         19,895        21,019     21,628     22,519     23,340     24,753     25,492
Floridapositive residents         19,337        20,394     20,984     21,865     22,674     24,066     24,797
Floridahospitalizations2672          2,841        3,05032493458364937453813
Floridadeaths461              499           571614668726748774