April 1, 2020
The meeting was called to order at 1 PM by Chair Gerald Derr. Present by conference were members Gerald Derr, Gary Mithoefer, and Phil McCabe, Present in person were members Gary Peterson (recorder), Jeff Mithoefer, Richard Reidell, HOA Liaison Tim Davis and Park Manager Randy Browning. John Koerber was absent. Also, attending was park resident Paul Moshano, and HOA President Nancy Thurnherr, and HOA Board Member Terry Holovachuk, and by conference Dan Mahoney, and Leonard Richardson. .

Presentation by Bill Konkol and Josh Shrock of Pipe Restoration Solutions (PRS). Randy Browning has solicited bids from 5 companies to reline about 330 feet of 36 inch diameter stormwater drainage pipe at two locations. During the presentation by PRS they disclosed they would dewater and clean each pipe before installing an polyester resin impregnated felt tube into the pipe, using water pressure to expand the tube against the culvert wall. The Polyester would be cured by circulating hot water through the pipe. When completed the pipe liner would be about ½ inch thick, which they claim will be structurally adequate to maintain drainage even after the corrugated pipe corrodes through. All linings must meet national standards for strength and durability for a 50 year design life. PRS will provide a 10 warranty through the liner manufacturer Perma-Liner Industries LLC, to repair defective materials up to the amount paid Perma-Liner for the original material cost. The PRS cost estimate was nearly 1 year old and they plan to submit a revised estimate within the next two weeks.
(Prior to this meeting Randy, myself and several HOA Board members heard a similar presentation by Florida Pipe Lining Solutions who will submit an proposal to Randy within the next two weeks.)

Gerald (Derr) and Gary (Peterson) were appointed to their positions by acclamation

Minutes: Following the presentation Gerald Derr asked if members had corrections to the minutes for the CRC meeting of March 4, 2020. There being none Gerald motioned to accept the minutes as distributed, Richard Reidell seconded the motion which passed unanimously. Old Business: CRC Charter and Rules and Procedures: After confirming all members had received copies of the CRC Charter and Rules and Procedures, Gerald asked if anyone wished to suggest any changes to the document. None were proposed. New Business: Committee openings – Gerald reported that he and Gary Mithoefer had been reappointed to the CRC. Their 3 year terms will expire in March 2023. Motion: Gary Peterson motioned the Committee appoint Paul Moshano as an Associate Member of the Committee in accordance with the Committee’s charter. Paul has attended our last three meetings and his comments have been constructive. Gary Mithoefer seconded the motion which passed unanimously. An Associate has all the responsibilities of HOA appointed members, but cannot vote on contracts or other issues, and will not contribute to a quorum.
Committee Reorganization: Gerald asked if any member wished to Chair the Committee. There being none he volunteered. Richard Reidel nominated Gerald Derr as Committee Chair, and Gary Peterson as Secretary. There being no other nominations Gerald and Gary were appointed to their positions by acclamation. Since John Koerber was not present and is the current Vice Chair, election of a Vice Chair will be postponed to a future meeting.
Culvert Relining Proposals: Randy began discussion by stating corrugated metal culverts have a finite life expectancy of up to about 30 years and somehow our culverts have lasted considerably longer. We have had some local culvert failures, and sediment is collecting in some culverts indicating those culvert walls are deteriorating. Systematically repairing and replacing aging culverts in the park is the next phase of the SWAMP study. He has received 4 proposals to reline the two sections of culverts discussed above. The issues the Committee needs to look at in addition to price, is the firms overall experience relining culverts of this size, the thickness of the liner, and the relative importance of a warrant of 10 years or 50 years. Since several culverts within the park run under homes which precludes their excavation and replacement, we will likely need more culvert relining contracts in the future. The price spread between the contractors responding to date range from $84,873 to $93.500. The warranties range from a 10 year material and 1 year labor and a limited 50 year liner replacement. The thickness of the materials range from 13.5 mm to 18mm. References need further evaluation. Randy will send copies of all proposals to members. If, after review members have comments or questions, send them to Gary Peterson and copy Randy Browning.
Gary will collect comments and work with Randy to resolve them before our next meeting April 15 at 1 pm in the office board room.
Adjournment: There being no other business a motion to adjourn was made by Gerald Derr. The meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM.