With great enthusiasm the leadership of Casa Computer Club welcomes new members who joined at the November 20th membership meeting. This month has two opportunities to join: the first is at Expo ’19, on January 5th when your officers will be available to answer your questions and have signup sheets noting your desires and interests; and the second opportunity is the Jan. 22nd membership meeting in the Rec. Hall at 7pm. Our dues are $10 per year and you must have a La Casa Activity Card to join any activity.

At the November membership meeting, Rick Amos, Vice-President of Education, provided survey sheets to find out the interests of those present. To reiterate, our training is driven by what the members want. Also at this meeting, President Ed Bourdeau provided a presentation regarding the future direction of the CCC in regards to the impact of technology on each of us and the club. He stated that he will be organizing to embrace the coming technical changes in hardware, software and best practices. The club looks forward to working with members by providing training, speakers and discussion as the 2018-2019 season progresses.

We welcome you and wish you a Happy New Year.

             The Casa Computer Club is not just about computers,
It’s about the future!